The 'Making Dough' Master Class DVD

The 'Making Dough' Master Class DVD

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The ‘Making Dough’ Master Class with Tom O’Toole – the #1 must-have resource for maximising the profitability of YOUR business

Presented in three parts, this new DVD features the following three programs:

  1. ‘Making More Dough’ with Tom O’Toole, which continues the journey from the original & classic ‘Making Dough with Tom O’Toole’, examining the progress Tom has made with the bakery in the 10 years since the first visit. It includes the expansion of the business, adjustment to new technology, change of management structure, and a refocus on the customer. Tom’s story is living proof that ordinary Australians can achieve extraordinary results when they have a common goal, and are willing to ‘drop everything for the customer’.

  2. The original & classic ‘Making Dough with Tom O’Toole’, visiting Tom in his Beechworth Bakery in 2002 and introducing his simple philosophy which can be applied to any business. It’s a resource that is used by many corporations and organisations.

  3. Tom O’Toole Larger’n Life – features 45 minutes recording of one of Tom’s legendary motivational presentations