BREAD: Secrets of the Beechworth Bakery

BREAD: Secrets of the Beechworth Bakery

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The complete training package for businesses of any size serious about making the most of their staff & their business.

Given a choice between following instructions without ownership, and being allowed to take ownership – and therefore being responsible for making things happen, most people will choose the latter. Nobody likes to feel helpless, or clueless. Empower your staff, managers, co-workers, clients and associates to drive their own success. Enable them to learn and apply the tools and techniques that put them in the driver‘s seat, and guess what happens? Their success contributes to your success. Massively.

Discover simple yet powerful techniques to improve your business bottom line, and create a better workplace culture. Sharing his secrets to growing a humble bakery into a multimillion dollar business, Tom takes you through the four key areas relevant to every business regardless of industry.

This comprehensive training package comes complete with all resources & support materials, enabling you to run your own training workshops in the easiest and most effective way. It contains:

Two DVDs covering the complete BREAD workshop

One resources CD with all support materials

Training Guide for owners/workshop leaders

Workbook for participants