Marty Matassoni
Managing Director

Hmmm... the boss. What do you write about the boss that doesn’t make us sound like we are sucking up?! Marty is the glue that holds us all together, a hard worker who always has what’s best for the business in mind. He is a go-getter who is always reaching for the top. He speaks the truth and you know where you stand with him. He has the smile of an assassin but will always have your back, no matter what. Rumour has it that he’s happiest when out camping with his family.

Tom O'Toole in his baker's whites.png


Tom doesn’t really need an introduction but we’re going to anyway. As our patriarch, Tom is still the main face of Beechworth Bakery, and represents us perfectly as a group – lots of fun, very enthusiastic, and a little bit cheeky! Tom loves a great Latte, but doesn’t like to see an empty tray in the cabinets when he visits the bakeries. He is also in love with his brand new car but will always retain a soft spot for the old bakery cars.

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Admin Support

If this was the US of A, Anthea would have undoubtedly been crowned Prom Queen at her high school. But since this is Australia, she just started working for us as a gorgeous 18-year-old behind the counter. Anthea has a deep commitment and loyalty to our company, and worked her way up through the ranks to become an exceptional bakery manager in our Albury bakery. Now a proud mum of two equally gorgeous girls, she has moved into the role of office payroll support for the group.


Operations Manager

Beck is a great listener who is always very positive, approachable and nice, and has excellent interpersonal skills. She is helpful and smart (most of the time ☺), and a great role model with a healthy dose of self-belief. We can all attest to the fact that she loves travel, listen to podcasts, and will never miss an opportunity for a dance off. Also keep an eye out for her because she also loves to trek the mountains like a mountain goat. She is great at her job overseeing the daily operation of the company, keeping the ships together and sailing in the right direction, whilst providing fantastic support for Marty and the managers.


Human Resource Manager

Carla has a beautiful warm personality that makes anyone feel comfortable.  We think that she is as sweet & caring as she is loud & determined. She’s very knowledgeable, knows her stuff in regards to HR, and is great to talk to because she’s able to look at both sides of any situation. But look out: when something needs to be done, there’s no mucking about - she’s onto it! We’re pretty sure she wishes she lived closer to Echuca so she could enjoy more lunches there – courtesy of Simone. Oh, and she has some weird obsession with Christmas decorations.


Christine O’TOOLE
Co-owner | Director

Christine is our bakery family’s matriarch and epitomises the old saying: behind every great man is an even greater woman (or something like that). She has an open passion for the bakery, and a secret one for Jamie from Outlander. She hates wasting food, and is a fantastic cook. Though a bit of a worry wart, Christine is great at thinking outside the box and always comes up with fantastic ideas. She’s also the one we can thank for our iconic Snickerdoodle!


Bakery Manager | Ballarat

Ellice always has new ideas and improvements to share. She’s cheeky, has a wicked sense of humour and loves a good laugh (especially a good dirty joke). She’s our crazy ‘egg lady’ (her partner has a chook farm), who will never miss an opportunity to dress up, especially when it’s Bogan Bingo! Ellice is a good leader, straight to the point, and just gets it done. She gets along well with all ages and is always willing to learn.


Office Manager | Head Office

Janet is one of the most important cogs in the machine – the office queen behind the scenes, who has actually worked in every part of our business at some point or another! Very knowledgeable and helpful, Janet has the answer to absolutely everything (if there’s anything about the bakery she doesn’t know, trust us, it’s not worth knowing!). She’s also our walking dictionary (her pet hates are spelling mistakes and grammatical errors). Word on the street is that she likes partying as hard as she works. We all really like Janet (ok, full disclosure: so, she’s in charge of our weekly pays…).


Admin/Operations Support

As our fearless leader’s right hand (wo)man, Jo not only provides great support to Marty and Beck (in fact, both of them often argue over who gets priority access to Jo’s assistance), but is also a terrific resource for all our bakeries. Very calm and capable, she is great with all aspects of BB, gives quality guidance and provides a fresh pair of eyes and/or hands to help out wherever needed. Jo is super friendly, looks like a princess and works like a machine.  Oh, and she loves a good gym session (and it shows).


Jordan Dittloff
Bakery Manager | bendigo

The newest addition to our Beechworth Bakery management team, Jordan has loads of youthful passion for customer service excellence. Driven and energetic, Jordan has been described by some as “0 to 100 in less than 0”, throwing himself into whatever task he sets himself… with intense focus. Jordan’s “hobbies” all sound suspiciously like work, whether he is in the gym, training jiu jitsu, or long distance horse riding (it makes us feel tired just thinking about it!).

Kylie Bray RAK.png

Kylie BRAY
Bakery Manager | Healesville

A great role model, Kylie B is a wonderful leader who runs a smooth ship and smashes goals. Determined to succeed in everything she does, her Healesville team is exemplary and a credit to her. She is the ‘Mum’ of our team, always thinking of everyone else. She loves her family, a good bundy, camping, and would love to do ‘the big lap’ before she’s too old. She is also super excited to be building her dream home.


Jenny Lewis
Bakery Manager | Bright

Jenny is the latest edition to our management team and has been working in our Bright bakeries since they opened in June 2018. Unafraid to tackle big things (she used drive around in a double-decker bus!), Jenny is looking after both our Bright bakeries. Softly spoken with a great sense of humour, she comes well equipped for the challenge, coupled with lots of experience.


Lanie ROCK
Marketing Manager

Lanie has all the knowhow about marketing, including some pretty crazy ideas, which help get the bakeries out there! She’s also our Brand Ambassador, who keeps us all on track and looking great. She is friendly, creative, resourceful, a quiet achiever… but do not disturb! Tom refers to her as ‘The German’ - must be her accent even though she insists she doesn’t have one 😉 - but thinks she does a fantastic job and has a great sense of humour. We are all, however, a teensy bit wary of her as she’s always got a camera with her trying to catch us out for an entertaining Facebook post (that she will never be in herself!).


Bakery Manager |

One of the most bubbly, welcoming and happy people you’re ever likely to meet, Laura is a good listener who only has good things to say about people, and is always smiling. She is kind and caring, and likes to stay positive no matter what life throws at her. We love that she sometimes dances and sings at work in order to lighten the mood – much to the embarrassment of her staff. Her enthusiastic and bubbly personality appears to be contagious because her team is always having a fun time too! She’s into swimming, writing, music and learning new languages, and hates negativity!


Production Manager | Echuca

Everyone agrees that Chappy is super nice, yet has a deceptive poker face. He is a great tradesman who knows his stuff (he was GO TAFE’s Apprentice of the year in his day), and has very high standards when it comes to product quality. He is a joy to be around and nothing is too much trouble. We suspect he would even beat Job (of Bible fame) in terms of patience because despite their best efforts, none of our managers have been able to make this man angry (yet).  He loves a good prank and riding his motorbike (except when he crashes).

simone 2.png

Simone CoUTTS
Office Manager | Echuca

Simone is an absolute GEM. She just gets in and gets it done even if it isn’t her job. She has an infectious smile and is always willing to help anyone out with anything at all! She is also a champion sweet talker, and we have bets going on whether she can convince the boss to buy her a company car. Able to fix anything, Simone is always approachable and never scared to get her hands dirty. A great asset for our entire company!


Bakery Manager | Albury

Trina is very driven, always gives 110%, and constantly aims for the top (that’s probably also the reason why she can’t sit still). She has a fun, friendly and welcoming personality that is truly infectious. Laughing, talking, laughing… that’s her. She’s always there for others, nurturing and caring… and always makes you smile. She loves her son Beau, basketball and long walks on the beach. And Moscato!