Virtually Gluten Free

Being gluten sensitive doesn't mean you have to miss out on life's simple pleasures,
like visits to bakeries (at least not to ours).

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With our selection of Virtually GF* options, gluten free never tasted better!

*While our Virtually GF products are made with non-gluten ingredients, and all care is taken to avoid cross-contamination, they ARE baked in a gluten environment, and therefore may contain traces of gluten.


Orange & Almond Cake
This is a deliciously moist cake made with almond meal and fresh oranges, topped with flaked almonds.

Made like a Lamington, but with our Orange & Almond slice dipped in chocolate & rolled in toasted almonds.



Chocolate Fudge Brownie
Deliciously moist and way too yummy to just be enjoyed purely as a GF option.


Banana Bread
Our banana bread is so yummy, it’s hard to believe it is gluten free*! A great breakfast option that’s, of course, equally delicious any other time of the day 😉



Peppermint Slice
Another virtually gluten free favourite: mint-flavoured white chocolate cream sandwiched between two layers of pure chocolate.



Made with Virtually GF bread, we offer a selection of fresh ready-made sandwiches, as well as made-to-order with any ingredients you like. Oh, and in case you fancy some deli meats, our ham, salami & pastrami are gluten free too…



Every day we offer a delicious salad-of-the-day, ranging from Caesar salad and Panzanella, to Roast Pumpkin & Spinach, and Asian Noodle salad.


Chicken Thai Coconut soup, part of our rotating ‘Soup of the Day’ offerings right throughout the colder months, is a delicously fragrant warmer-upperer on cold winter days.

Cottage Pie

Have your gluten free pie and eat it too! This is a delicious ground steak pie base with vegetables, topped with creamy pumpkin & potato mash and served in a non-edible pie shell.

Cottage Pie - GF

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